Some call me Old School. It means I’ve been around long enough to remember when everything didn’t come from the Dealer ready to attach to your Motorcycle. You had to make it yourself.

1966 Sportster

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Tips and Procedures

Want to know how to change the oil on your Harley. What’s the best product to clean your saddle bags. We have a section for just that.  Got a Tip. Submit it to us. We’ll Post It.

For Sale

Do you have some parts laying around from your upgrades. Mufflers, Pipes, Pegs, Seats.

Got a Motorcycle for sale?

For a flat fee we will build you a store page. The item will run until it is sold or you tell us to take it down.

No other Fee’s

The Good The Bad The Ugly

This section is for reviews. Good or Bad. Dealers, Indy’s, Parts and Part Suppliers. You submit them. We’ll post them.

IC Colors


Introducing the IC line of colors. By adding your choice of IC Red or IC Blue you will dye the oil or transmission fluid so that it’s visibility on the dipstick is immediate. No more squinting, no more trying to find better light, or running your finger down the dipstick trying to feel where the oil stops.